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Carwyn Jones to address conference on Wales' "fairer society"

Carwyn Jones will tell Labour’s annual conference in Manchester how the party in Wales is showing an alternative way of handling the economic crisis to that chosen by the UK Government.

And he’s expected to point to the Welsh Government’s decision to order a regrade of English Language GCSEs as an example of ‘fairness’ in action.

He told me yesterday that the party’s UK leadership is paying close attention to Welsh Government policies as it gears up to the 2015 UK Election.

I know they'll be looking at what's happening in Wales when the manifesto for the election is drawn up in 2015, and they have in Wales of course an example of a Labour government putting policies into action.

Other Welsh politicians are also busy telling fellow delegates what the party can learn from the experience of the success of Welsh Labour in recovering from a series of poor elections to become the only section of the party with any real power in the UK.

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith has been expanding on ideas he set out in an essay for the IWA thinktank about the way Labour in Wales embraced devolution and how that's changed the party.

Similarly Caerphilly MP Wayne David has written in an article for the Fabian society that Welsh Labour learned to reflect 'national common sense' and urges the UK party to do the same with Britishness.

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