The jury in the trial of 17-year-old Aamir Siddiqi has seen CCTV footage of the movements of those accused the day after Aamir Siddiqi was stabbed to death on his doorstep in Cardiff in April 2010.

Swansea Crown Court was shown footage of Jason Richards, 38, turning up at the home of his co-accused, Ben Hope, 39, with a rolled up newspaper in his back pocket at 8am.

The jury was shown footage of Mr Richards buzzing the intercom. DC Allan James, who talked the court through the CCTV evidence from the witness box, said of the footage: “In his left back-hand pocket we can see a newspaper.”

He added that Mr Richards continued to press the buzzer before appearing to use a mobile phone. “We see him emerge from underneath the archway (of Janner House) and we see him banging on the window of the first floor flat; that is the flat of Mr Hope,” said DC James. The court saw that Mr Richards was then let into the property by Mr Hope and the two men left just over 30 minutes later. “We see that Mr Richards’ newspaper that was in his pocket is now not there,” said DC James.

The CCTV followed the movements of the two men throughout the day, including Mr Richards buying trainers and socks at a store in Cardiff.

They then went their separate ways, the court heard, before texts were said to have been sent from Mr Richards to Mr Hope just after 6pm.

Patrick Harrington QC, prosecuting, said one of these messages read: 'Asap now ok' and another read: 'Sorry bro but the play is now mate you are going to have to come'.

The jury also heard from Mr Harrington that there was additional CCTV footage from April 12 and 13 - the two days following Aamir’s killing - which needed to be added into the chronology of events.

The court was played footage from a camera overlooking the Taff Trail of a man said to be Mr Richards carrying a bag and heading in the direction of Blackweir Ambulance depot on the morning of April 12.

The jury also saw footage from just after 4pm on April 13, again from a camera overlooking the Taff Trail, of two people. DC James said he believed the people to be Mr Richards and Mr Hope. He added that Mr Hope appeared to be carrying an item.

The court then viewed footage, taken less than 30 minutes later in St Mary’s Street, of two men said to be Mr Richards and Mr Hope. “It appears Mr Hope is not carrying anything this time,” said DC James.

Mr Hope and Mr Richards are on trial accused of Aamir’s murder and the attempted murder of his parents, who had tried to stop their son from being attacked.

They both deny all the charges against them.The trial continues.