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Fine sunny start to the weekend, but will it last?

It was a glorious start to the day with fine autumn sunshine across the whole of Wales. As the day progresses we'll see more in the way of fairweather cloud building during the afternoon, however, south Wales should remain fine and sunny. There's not a great deal of wind around today but it's general flow is from the north making it feel cool, but the sunshine should more than compensate.

Overnight much of the cloud will evaporate and the clear skies will allow temperatures to drop in the countryside to near freezing. After all of last night's rain this could see many patches of intense thick fog developing across the country.

That fog could be slow to clear during the morning before lifting. There will once again be lots of sunshine but as the day progresses it will turn increasingly cloudy from the south and west. By 7pm the first light patchy rain is expected to arrive in Pembrokeshire and that the sign of the next rain band arriving on Sunday night.

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