David Cameron on welfare cuts in Wales

David Cameron speaks to Adrian Masters at the Conservative conference in Birmingham Credit: ITV News Wales

UK Government plans for further cuts to spending on welfare have been the subject of much debate here in Birmingham and far outside the conference hall too. It's a matter of particular importance to Wales where such a high proportion of people rely on benefits.

So when I sat down with the Prime Minister I wanted to know if he acknowledged that people in Wales would suffer a bigger impact. As you'd imagine he was robust in defending the plans and said they would ultimately benefit Wales.

There was the strongest hint yet that a deal has been reached that could see the Welsh Government given borrowing powers for the first time. I understand an announcement could come within two weeks. All David Cameron would say is that he's 'confident' that progress is being made - as close as you can get short of an actual announcement.

And there was another virtual green light too for long-term plans by the Welsh Conservative Assembly leader Andrew RT Davies to see the party in Wales become more autonomous.

You can watch my interview here: