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Charlotte Church 'Its an unbelievable opportunity for the government to right this wrong'

Charlotte said she felt proud to be sat at the coalition fringe meeting today around real advocates for freedom of speech. She sat alongside campaign group Hacked Off who have been campaigning for a free and accountable media at the Conservatives conference in Birmingham.

Charlotte impressed that it was about individuals and ordinary families that have gone through the phone hacking scandal, but it is also about a many important organisations that have been set up to let a variety of different people deal with different things throughout their lives.

She likened the current press regulations to 'a child who is never really disciplined by it's apathetic parents and lets it run wild'. The singer and mother of two went on to say that it just a point of putting in some simple rules for the child to follow.

Charlotte, along with 50 others who have signed a letter handed into the Prime Minster last night are calling for small legislation to enforce the code for journalists in order to create a free but accountable press.

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