Businesses have been telling the Secretary of State for Wales that times are still tough.

David Jones MP has been hearing the views of the ITV Wales Business Club which met at the North Wales Truckstop on Deeside.

It's a new business at the heart of the Deeside Growth Zone, but the boss says the Enterprize Zone is moving too slowly and planning costs are stopping firms investing.

Swansea Builder Jason Carmichmael told the Welsh Secretary his business in Wales is at a standstill but the London end of his operation is trading well.

He says there a chasm between the South East and the recession here in Wales.

Anna Milewski from the Federation of Small Businesses which has 10,000 members in Wales says confidence and access to finance are still problems.

The Secretary of State says 5 years of low growth and a kickback from the problems in the Eurozone were hitting Welsh businesses but he says he wanted the UK and Welsh Governments to work more closely together in a Team Wales approach to get the economy moving.