Compensation for four Phurnacite claimants

The Phurnacite smokeless fuel plant in the Cynon Valley Credit: ITV News Wales

A judgement has been made by the High Court that working at the former Phurnacite plant in the Cynon Valley could have caused diseases of the lung, including lung cancer.

The ruling follows a six week trial over claims by former factory employees who alleged working at the plant in Abercwmboi caused them to suffer lung, skin and bladder cancer, as well as respiratory disease.

The Court rules that lung cancer, and other lung diseases, could be caused by exposure to chemicals at the plant. Compensation averaging £44,000 each has now been agreed for four of the successful claimants.

However, the decision was made that there was insufficient evidence for the Court to find that bladder cancer and certain types of skin cancer were caused by working at the plant.