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War veteran denied medal by Foreign Office

89-year-old Ivor Beavan has been told by the Foreign Office that he cannot accept a medal awarded to him by Russia. Photo: ITV News Wales

A Cardiff war veteran has been told he is not allowed to accept a medal awarded by Russia for his service in the Second World War.

89-year-old Ivor Beavan has been awarded the Ushakov Medal for efforts in supplying the Russians in the Arctic. However, the Foreign Office has said he can't accept it because it's more than five years since his service ended.

I think it's terrible, these young kids up in the government, they don't know what we went through on those convoys.

– Ivor Beavan
Ivor Beavan served in the Royal Navy Credit: ITV News Wales

A spokesperson from the Foreign Office said they appreciated that the Russian Government wanted to recognise the "brave and valuable service given by veterans of the Arctic Convoys" but there are clear rules over what medals veterans can accept.

They add that because all British veterans of the convoys were eligible for the WW2 'Atlantic Star' medal, that means they cannot receive a further award for the same service.

Ivor Beavan made trips aboard convoys to the arctic to deliver supplies to Russians Credit: AP/Press Association Images

Rob Osborne reports.