Child abuse inquiry 'may not have heard key evidence'

Sir Ronald Waterhouse presented his report to the then Welsh Secretary, Paul Murphy, in February 2000 Credit: Stefan Rousseau / PA Archive / Press Association Images

A former ITV journalist who met Sir Ronald Waterhouse a year after he completed the Lost in Care report says that he believed the judge was surprised to be told his inquiry may not have been told key evidence.

The Waterhouse Inquiry was charged with uncovering the truth about abuse at children's homes across North Wales. But a former Deputy Director of the Bryn Alyn children's home was never called as a witness, despite reporting abuse at the home to the police.

A year after the report was delivered a former ITV Wales journalist had a private meeting with Sir Ronald in which he says he told him about Des Frost's claim.

More and more instead of it being a conversation between the two of us, it was me telling him things and my impression is that he was stunned, shocked, by the Des Frost allegations. I got the impression he knew nothing about it.

Mrs Justice Macur is now set to review the terms of the Waterhouse report. Separately Keith Bristow from the National Crime Agency is reviewing the police investigation.

North Wales Police would not comment on individuals but pointed out that the Waterhouse Inquiry did examine the police child abuse investigation. In a statement they said they were determined to ensure that any investigation into child abuse meets the highest standards and does all it can to secure justice for the victims of crime. They are also encouraging any victims of abuse or those who suspect abuse to report it to the police and other agencies.