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Light rain clearing today to colder brighter weather

A rather feeble cold front is drifting down across the country today but all it's only likely to bring a little nuisance rain. That will clear from the north during the afternoon and it will turn brighter here later. Further south it's rather grey. Today is going to be somewhat milder than we've been used to lately and will see over the next few days with highs of 9C, it will be a little breezy though.

Tonight much of the cloud clears and the wind drops out, this will allow the temperatures to drop to -2 or -3C by dawn. A widespread frost and maybe the odd icy patch, there's a small risk of a shower in the far west.

Monday kicks off a bright but mainly cold week. Plenty of sunshine on offer today, just feeling rather chilly with highs of just 4-6C.

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