Mocked for being Welsh - Education minister speaks about childhood bullying

Leighton Andrews AM, Education Minister Credit: ITV News Wales

Leighton Andrews is known for being an active and assertive Education Minister but more personal experiences of education are in the spotlight in tonight's edition of Face to Face.

He speaks about his involvement in student protests when he was at university in Bangor in the 1970s and explains how that shaped his political outlook subsequently.

But it's his revelations from an earlier time which will surprise many people.

Having lost his father when he was just ten, Leighton Andrews and his family moved away from Barry where he'd been born and brought up.

In this extract he talks frankly about that 'dislocating' experience he went through, a painful memory of being called 'a Welsh wog' by fellow pupils and how the 'divisive' nature of the selective school system affects his views to this day.

The interview isn't all about the past. We speak at length about his battles with higher education authorities over controversial university mergers and how he intends to tackle poor performance in Welsh schools.

You can see Leighton Andrews, Face to Face tonight at 10.35pm ITV1 Wales.