Catch a sense of wonder from children – Archbishop’s Christmas message

The Archbishop of Wales has issued his Christmas message to the nation Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

The archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, has encouraged the nation to use the story of Christmas to "regain a child’s sense of wonder"

"Adults tend to regard Christmas as a children’s festival and not as something for grown-ups. It is a children’s festival but not in the sense most adults think of it. Children can, in fact, teach us what it is all about." “We adults tend to say about many things, be it about the Christmas story, about the prospect of peace in the Middle East or the end of hostilities in Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan, or about the promises of politicians – there is nothing new under the sun – we have heard it all before and we have a tendency to become tired, jaded and cynical. Children can help us regain our sense of wonder. For if the Christmas story is about anything, it is about wonder.”

In his address the Archbishop also goes on to praise children for responding to wonder with compassion for others – as school after school he visits are helping those who are destitute and homeless. He urges adults to follow their example.

The Church in Wales say all are welcome to attend services being held at Llandaff Cathedral tonight at 9:30pm and on Christmas Day at 10:45am where the Archbishop will preach to the congregation.