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Tolls charge call

Severn bridge tolls Photo: ITV News Wales

The amount paid by drivers to cross the Severn bridges rises today- by up to 3.3%. Plaid Cymru has criticised the Welsh Government for not putting pressure on the UK Government for toll prices to be lowered.

The party has found, via a Freedom of Information request, that there has been no correspondence on the subject between Cardiff Bay and Westminster since May 2011.

Plaid leader Leanne Wood says the toll rises are 'hurting Welsh businesses'. She has also called for 'evidence of discussions taking place' over who will take control of the bridges once they pass into public ownership around 2017.

Toll charges for the Severn Bridges rise from today- by up to 3.3% - which is above inflation.

Category I - cars and motor caravans - rises from £6.00 to £6.20 (3.3%)

Category II - small goods vehicles and small buses - rises from £12.10 to 12.40 (2.5%)

Category III - heavy goods vehicles and buses - rises from £18.10 to £18.60 (2.8%)

In response, a Welsh Government spokesperson said:

"We do not control the tolls - the UK Government do. That's why we have called on the UK Government to open discussions with us on the arrangements governing the Severn Crossings after 2018, with one option being the Welsh Government taking full control of the tolling regime. Were this to happen, the First Minister has already indicated that we would look to reduce the tolls.

"We now look forward to the UK Government opening discussions with us on this vitally important issue.”