Restoration plans for Glyn Rhonwy quarries in Gwynedd under fire

A scheme for pumped storage facilities aims to absorb surplus and off-peak electricity Credit: ITV Wales News

A national pressure group has joined forces with campaigners to oppose plans for a pump-storage power station in Llanberis. The Open Spaces Society says the proposed works at Glyn Rhonwy quarries will encroach on common land and be an eyesore in the popular Snowdonia area.

The group have put in an objection to Gwynedd council calling on them to ensure the developer, The Quarry Battery Co Ltd, is aware that works constructed on common land without the consent of the environment minister, in addition to any planning permission.

The society says that the development will have an adverse effect on the landscape, and on people's enjoyment of it as it is used extensively by walkers and climbers.

Gwynedd Council have said:

The Quarry Battery Co Ltd say their scheme for pumped storage facilities will absorb surplus and off-peak electricity created by renewables such as wind power and by conventional power stations. It will then release it back to the electricity grid when it is most needed.

They say the scheme will sensitively restore the site in a way that respects the calm and beauty of the area. Dams will be constructed from recycled slate tips at the site.

The company claim that once the station is operational they expect to employ between 20 and 30 local skilled workers.