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First Minister's Questions

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Health checks for the over 50's ! How marvellous it was for those approaching that barrier over which beckons the vista of hospital appointments , crumbling health and a need to be organised , having lost the wit to do it themselves after the age of 49. How marvellous it was to know that the FM had promised free health checks as part of the Labour Party manifesto so that even if they had no clue as to their own state of health , the state would step in and provide a free health MOT. Paradise. But like some many other gilded promises, we are now face with Paradise Lost. At least according to the Liberal Democrats who call it another broken promise now that the over 50's will have to fill in an on line form to check if they still have a pulse. And according to their leader, Kirsty Williams, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Then, up popped the Leader of the Opposition , Andrew RT Davies just like Mr Punch pleased with the blow he was about to land on the FM on all sorts of topics too. What about the over 50' s he boomed using his best bass voice today. How would they now fare? How would they cope without their promised MOT? Just like an old banger who would keep them going as they made their inexorable way to the scrap heap? And at the other end of the scale , what about those poor students? Thanks to the FM and his band of brothers, there were less students enrolled this year than ever before at our Universities. But wait! Was this true? Yet again there was a dispute over the statistics. But who was right?

And when Plaid Cymru Leader, Leanne Wood got to her feet, there was still no let up in the storm of statistics that rained down on the FM'S weary head. Had they all been having extra curricular maths lessons? Well , Leanne had been mugging up on the Economy and yet again asked the FM if he could give her the GDP figures for Wales to see if his policies were giving the economy the fine tuning it needed. Alas no, that bit of homework still hadn't been handed in but he did have an answer for everything!

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