Serious questions about ambulance service in Wales

The figures showed 262 cases were ambulances took more than an hour to respond to emergencies.

These figures are shocking.

Nobody knows when they'll need an ambulance but we do expect it to be there as fast as possible. This shows that isn't always possible.

The response time target is for 65 percent of category A calls (the most urgent) within eight minutes. These figures show some people have been waiting for hours.

Examples in 2012 include an ambulance that took just under two hours to respond to a call described as "stab/gunshot/penetrating trauma."

Other include a stroke call that took 2 hours 36 minutes and an "assault/ sexual assault" taking 1 hour 18 minutes.

The numbers were obtained by the Welsh Conservatives under a Freedom of Information request. Shadow Health Minister, Darren Millar AM, says the figures are "simply unacceptable."

Today's news will once again raise serious questions about the ambulance service in Wales.

A review is underway at the moment. The Welsh Government says it will examine how response times can be improved.

We all rely on the ambulance service and everyone will hope things can improve.

Lives are depending on it.