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'White wedding' goes ahead despite snow

Rhys Davies from Shotton thought today would the most special of his life, as he ties the knot with Kerry Richardson in the picturesque village of Northop in Flintshire. But heavy snow put paid to that.

But despite several inches of snow, their wedding still went ahead. The bride and her bridesmaids had to come in makeshift vehicles after the wedding cars failed to turn up.

The bridesmaids had to arrange special transport after their cars were cancelled Credit: ITV News Wales

It was all smiles when the eventually arrived, despite the tumbling temperatures. And when the bride eventually made it through the snow and slush her only concern was her 'soaking feet.'

The bride arrived late, but safe and sound at the church Credit: ITV News Wales

Two of the guests, Owen and Jackie Williams had travelled up from south London to make the special day. They said that it would 'be great despite' the weather.

Owen said they "were expecting it to be sunny and bright, and the snow will definitely make it memorable."

The guests were forced to tip toe their way into the church through several centimetres of the white stuff.

Another member of the wedding party said it had been an 'absolute pain' but that they were determined to make the wedding as it was her cousin.

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