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Artist creates Thatcher portrait from coal

An artist from south Wales has created a portrait of the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who died earlier this week using coal.

Nathan Wyburn said that he chose to use coal because of her 'controversial' decisions that led to the closure of mines in the south Wales valleys.

I've created a portrait of Baroness Margaret Thatcher, using crushed coal powder & solid coal.

Whether you loved or loathed her, her actions towards the mining industries is one of her most famous and controversial legacies, that even today splits the opinion of a nation.

– Nathan Wyburn

The choice to use coal to produce the portrait echo's her past when tens of thousands of jobs were lost with the closure of the coal mines in the South Wales Valleys whilst she was Prime Minister.

The work will go on display in Cardiff next wednesday as part of a ten day exhibition.

Nathan's previous works have included portraits made from Marmite and a portrait made of fake tan of X Factor contestant Rylan.

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