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FMQs: Let's kick it around!

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I blame that Suzy Davies. One minute we're all dozing quietly and then she starts talking football! Whoo Hoo ! Quite rightly , La Davies drew our attention to the massive boost that premiership football in Swansea has brought to the local economy. Some 58 million lovely pound! But Suzy told us that the spin off to the local non football businesses was only around around eight million.Her goal is to see that figure improved and she hoped that Cardiff would register a boost when it's turn comes next season.

This led the First Minister to point out the success of Swansea University which has seen a big surge in student numbers thanks to the drawing power of Swansea City FC and he expected to see the same for Cardiff.

Success all round! Which then encouraged Mike Hedges, to see if he could get the FM to say which team he would back in the forthcoming promotion battle. North versus South. Wrexham versus Newport , who would he choose? Ah! Diplomacy was the side the FM supported.

And when it came to the party leaders asking their usual pesky questions, it was Andrew RT Davies who kept the celebratory sporting vibe going. After all , he was fresh from his own success at Swansea's Liberty stadium. Was it not he, that only this very morning was singing the praises of that venue, that hallowed ground where at the weekend, the Welsh Conservatives held their party conference. A conferenced graced by Team Captain David Cameron and Club Mascot , David Jones. '' A fantastic venue'' bellowed RT '' What superb staff! ''

He couldn't say enough! Well , he could but time urges me on

But only as far as rugby.

It was Kirsty Williams who changed the subject to Musical Chairs, that well known party game. But she was not in in party mood when she asked the FM why three key members of the Children and Young People committee were substituted by three other team members off the bench, Not only that , but even more oddly , the Chair of this Committee, Christine Chapman , swapping with Ann Jones, to become the Chair of a completely different committee ie the Communities Committee

What Kirsty wanted to know was why had this happened when the three on the first team , who were well versed in the social services bill , would be replaced by three coming in cold to scrutinise such important legislation?

And to end the contribution of party leaders this week , Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood wanted to question the FM on the poor response times of the Ambulance service. In the wake of the McClelland report she wanted to know what improvements would be made in the future?

The question was kicked into the long grass