1. ITV Report

Delivery room dramas and the zen of waiting.

We all got the text ! Photo: ITV Wales News

Sunny weather always seems to put us in a better mood! So it was heartening to see another warm day today and that the massed ranks of the opposition had grouped behind their leader to wear a sort of UKIP like violet at FMQ's today. Well, the challenge posed by Mr Farage and friends is probably still playing on the minds of many in political circles.

But on this fine spring day, the leader of the Opposition turned his thoughts to nature. No doubt seeing the lambs gambolling in the Vale, the birds tweeting in the trees reminded him of the gift that is life ,

RT wanted to know why there were long waiting lists for IVF treatment? He was concerned that since the Welsh Government in the third Assembly terminated the contract of the London's Womens Fertility Clinic in Swansea there had been delays in licensing a replacement. He worried that some couples may have missed out on having a family because they couldn't get IVF treatment in time. And it was delivery and waiting that seemed to be the theme for the day at the Assembly.

Delivery of a different kind was on the mind of the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams. Delivery in Education to be exact. She told colleagues that the Chief Inspector of Estyn was frustrated by the pace of change in our schools in terms of literacy and numeracy.

The Welsh Government had proposed a 20 point plan to improve the delivery of higher standards in the wake of the last Pisa report.. Results are due later this year on whether improved standards have yet been delivered. Kirsty Williams wanted to know what the FM planned to do if they have not?

And Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood , also echoed worries over the delivery of Literacy.

She quoted that 20 percent of children started secondary school with a reading age of less than nine and a half years of age , the age she said that denoted functional literacy. Leanne wanted to know why parents were still waiting for positive change s to surface? Again it all seemed to hinge on delivery.

Finally , FMQ's turned to train travel. And it wasn't long before the FM twisted the subject round to the little trip that RT made during the recent conference season, where with his usual gusto he took to the on board tannoy much to the surprise of the passengers and to the delight of Carwyn Jones