Sharp End 16th May 2013

Sharp End title Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Europe has dominated politics this week and will be at the top of our agenda too. Four Welsh Conservative MPs rebelled against their government in this week's vote on an in/out referendum and I've been speaking to one of them at length. Whenever the Conservative party has indulged in arguing over Europe it's ended badly so I wanted to know why Simon Hart was amongst those so determined to make sure the argument happens in public.

Less noticed in the furore over that Europe vote was another vote on another amendment. Labour MPs supported Plaid Cymru's amendment calling for a Government of Wales Bill to speed up devolution of taxes and borrowing powers to Wales. Why has that become such an important issue now?

We'll also talk about something that's not really gone away but is about to come to a head: windfarms and ahead of an inquiry into the building of pylons across Mid-Wales, we hear from campaigners who tell us what the problems are.

My guests in the studio are Labour's Shadow Wales Office minister Nia Griffith MP and the Conservatives' Shadow Local Government minister Janet Finch-Saunders. Join us at 1035pm ITV Cymru Wales.