Swansea mother Michelle Smith found guilty of poisoning six-week-old daughter Amy

34-year-old Michelle Smith has been found guilty of poisoning her baby daughter Credit: Athena Picture Agency

A Swansea mother has today been found guilty of poisoning to death her six-week-old daughter.

34-year-old Michelle Smith, from Morriston, gave baby Amy the drug dihydrocodeine - a powerful painkiller only prescribed to adults.

The court heard how paramedics were called to Ms Smith's home in November 200 after 42-day-old Amy had been found blue-lipped and lifeless.

She was rushed to hospital, but later died.

The jury were told that a post-mortem examination found the drug in Amy's blood.

Giving evidence, a toxicology expert told the court how Amy had been given the painkiller just minutes before a health visitor came to see her at home.

The jury heard that the health visitor described Amy as "thriving" just hours before her death.

Michelle Smith maintained throughout her trail that she had not given her daughter any drugs.

She claimed that doctors could have given Amy the drug during many visits the child made to Morriston and Singleton hospital and UHW in Cardiff - although the court heard how the powerful drug was also found in Amy's urine more than a fortnight before her death.

Samples were sent to a specialist lab for further testing, but the results were never passed on.

In the witness box Michelle Smith was asked by Defence QC Sasha Wass if she killed Amy by giving her the drug."No I didn't," Smith replied.

The jury at Swansea Crown Court failed to believe Michelle Smith and found her guilty of murder.