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Wales This Week - Olympic Legacy in Wales

The Legacy of London 2012 is something which has been discussed since the announcement of the games coming to the UK back in 2005.

Legacy was the promise that the games, though tied to the city of London, would benefit communities throughout the UK; they would ‘inspire a generation’

Tonight, Wales This Week speaks to some of the people at the heart of Olympic Legacy in Wales.

At sixteen years old, Raer Theaker, who is a member of the Wales and Great Britain Gymnastics teams may, to many, embody the spirit of this legacy.

Despite still being in full time education, Raer spends up to thirty hours each week, training at her Gym in Cardiff. Her goal is to compete at the very top level of her sport, and with a huge amount of hard work and dedication from Raer and her team of trainers, this goal is entirely achievable.

Raer Theaker, Wales and GB Gymnastics Credit: ITV News

But legacy is not just about Olympic hopefuls; and sport is not just for the elite athletes.

In the buildup to London 2012 it was revealed that Wales, along with the rest of the UK was in the midst of a health crisis; our physical inactivity was becoming a huge risk to our future health.

Experts were calling this “the biggest killer of the 21st century” and claims were made that our inactivity could cost the UK taxpayer up to six billion pounds each year.

It was vital then that the legacy was seen to extend beyond our young hopefuls and into the communities of Wales, among the children who are said to be the least fit in all of Europe.

While many argue that this is being done as a result of the games, one organisation, based up in Nefyn, in North Wales, believes that rather than support our communities, the games have in fact failed them.

The Big Lottery Refund campaign argue that the legacy has had a hugely negative effect on the communites of Wales:

The full legacy of the Olympics could be charities closing down, it could be older people not having the services that they need, young people not having a place to play and that would be a really negative part of the olympic legacy to be honest

– Jay Kennedy, Big Lottery Refund Campaign

Tonight’s programme looks at some of the work which has gone on in some of our communities in Wales, and notes the difference that the Olympics has made in their lives.

Wales This Week: Unfit For Purpose? is on Monday 15th July at 8 On ITV Cymru Wales