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Brown Swiss Cattle debut at Royal Welsh

"Heck" the Brown Swiss Cow Photo: ITV News

Brown Swiss cattle are being shown at the Royal Welsh Show this year, for the very first time.

The cows have become increasingly popular for farmers on cheese contracts, as they are known for their fatty milk and hardiness. A dairy breed, they originate from the Alpine regions of Switzerland and are one of the largest cattle populations in the world. They are thought to have been used in the UK for around 40 years.

For farmers in Wales who keep the breed; this years entry at the Royal Welsh means a new audience for their cattle.

It's getting our name out there. We haven't had brown swiss for as long as some people and it's nice that people can see us, and we can tell we've got bulls for sale and just generally marketing our breed"

– Sian Williams, Brown Swiss Farmer

Preparations have been going on for weeks, as Farmers try to make sure the cows are ready for their big day. They get haircuts, hairspray and special training - to make sure they show the Judges their best side.