Sharp End October 10th 2013

Sharp End title Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

It's all about the money in tonight's programme. Now that the Welsh Government has set out its draft budget for the coming financial year, we know where the money is going. Or not going rather.

Health will be the big beneficiary but will it be enough to solve the health service's problems? And its increase has led to massive decreases in every other area. Who are the biggest losers and how are they going to cope? One of my guests is someone with many years of experience in local government, Russell Goodway. He's now in charge of finance at Wales' biggest council, Cardiff which makes him well qualified to tell us how difficult things are likely to be.

One of the big capital projects announced as part of the draft budget is the first phase of a metro public transport scheme for South East Wales. But the plan's likely to be dependent on European money and that's by no means guaranteed so is the Welsh Government right to rely on it?

As well as Russell Goodway, my other studio guests are Plaid Cymru AM, Bethan Jenkins and Conservative AM, Nick Ramsay.