Sharp End October 24th 2013

Sharp End title Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Sometimes political disagreements hang on interpretation of what politicians mean. So is the Hywel Dda health board cancelling operations as opposition parties say or taking sensible steps to prepare for the winter as the First Minister says?

And who's right in the latest dispute between the Treasury and the Welsh Government? The Treasury says it hasn't given the Welsh Government extra money as a share of the controversial HS2 rail scheme. The Finance Minister says exactly the opposite.

The Assembly has voted to introduce fines for parents of children who repeatedly skip school. We'll ask if that's the best way to clamp down on truancy.

Plaid Cymru's Parliamentary Leader Elfyn Llwyd has announced that he's planning to step down at the next UK election. In this week's Sharp End interview I ask him why he's decided now is the right time and what he plans to do next.

My studio guests this week are Labour's new Shadow Wales Office Minister, Baroness Eluned Morgan and two Assembly Members, the Conservative Suzy Davies and Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas.