Fireworks at the Senedd

First Minister Carwyn Jones taking questions Credit: ITV Wales News

So here we are again. Back from the recess, brimming over with ideas and questions to the First Minister. House building was the topic on the mind of the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats , Kirsty Williams.

What was the First Minister doing to help First Time Buyers in Wales ? Who was he seeing to advance the cause of those without the readies to get on the ladder? And while she was on the subject where was his leadership? The FM was not shy to tell her.

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies was next to try to light a bonfire under the FM. He returned to a favourite theme of his party. That of bringing in a Keogh style inquiry to look into our NHS. Alas, with a mix up of words, he gave the FM the chance to parry the question, calling it a Freudian slip!

And in another exchange about the NHS, a spat broke out about the Architect of the NHS and his remains. Humour was but a damp squib.

Finally, the Leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood, spoke of Barnet.Not the Barnet, of course that's an area of London for those not following the fairer funding argument for Wales. No! She means the other Barnet and its well know inadequacies . Well now, it seems that Barnet, not the place but the funding formula and its reform will be part of Plaid's next manifesto. But will Labour follow suit?