First Minister, do you know how many people slept rough on the streets of Wales last night ? Asks Andrew RT Davies

Leader of the Opposition ,Andrew RT Davies Credit: ITV News

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies was in good voice this afternoon telling us how last Wednesday , he was out at the crack of dawn with the Wallich, a rough sleeping and homeless charity, serving breakfast to those who had spent a night on the freezing streets of Cardiff.He wanted to know if the Welsh Government had been collecting data on the number of rough sleepers in Wales so as to better help them? It seems in England a new initiative called ''Street Link'' enabled a very accurate monitoring of the problem using online tools and smart apps to help take every person off the streets all year round.

The First Minister had a few choice things to say in reply.

Meanwhile, it was Leanne Wood who decided to focus her attention this week on the Welsh Government's record. She wanted to know , under the FM's leadership, what exactly had been delivered to the people of Wales in terms of the Economy , Health and Education. According to the First Minister, absolutely loads.

Kirsty Williams, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats also decided to have a pre Christmas go at the FM on his record and got similar short shrift in reply

Happy Christmas , one and all !!