In pictures: the storm damage across Wales so far

Debris remains strewn across Aberystwyth's seafront Credit: Dean Thomas/ITV News
Aberystwyth's seafront on Friday Credit: Paul Callan
In the past week, huge waves have strewn rubble onto Aberystwyth's prom Credit: Owain Meredith/ITV News

Click here to watch the video of huge waves crashing into the prom

Situated on the edge of Aberystwyth's prom, this shelter begins to lean Credit: Tim Ward/ITV News
The road at the seafront in Amroth, Pembrokeshire disintegrated last week Credit: Athena Picture Agency
Specialist teams assessed to the damage to Amroth's coastal road Credit: Athena Picture Agency
Aberavon beach near Port Talbot was been littered with debris Credit: Russel Lewis
As the waves keep coming, wreckage remains on Aberystwyth's seafront Credit: Dean Thomas/ITV News