Woolly celebs by super-knitter

Just one of the knitted creations of Denise Salway. Credit: Wales News Service

Denise Salway, 51, started her wool of fame after getting fed up making scavesand jumpers with his knitting needles.

She's now immortalised The Queen, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Freddie Mercury in her A-list of woolly wonders.

Retired factory worker Denise said, "Each new challenge pushed my talents and I enjoyed the look on my friends faces when I mastered each new doll."

Denise started knitting as a young teen and over the years developed her own unique style at her home in Bridgend.

Marilyn Monroe in 100% wool. Credit: Wales News Service

The grandmother-of-one said: "I don't use conventional knitting patterns. The ideas all come from my imagination. I take some time to really stare at a celebrity before I start - you have to capture all their little quirks to get it just right."

The Bridgend grandmother says the knits are all her own imagination. Credit: Wales News Service