A news producer's day at ITV News in Wales

Every story must be checked by the producer prior to broadcast

Dafydd Jones is today's programme Producer, and explains what goes into producing our flagship 6pm programme.

The day of a Producer starts in the office at 8.30 when I come in and talk to the News Editor about the stories that are around that day. Some of our stories are planned beforehand by our Planning team - so we generally focus on and discuss anything that's breaking or has changed.

Once we've had that discussion, we assign reporters and start chasing what we need.

At 9.30 we have an editorial meeting and I start talking to reporters about how we want to cover their story. This involves the interviewees they want, what pictures they need to film and any creative treatments such as graphic sequences.

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Throughout the day, we talk regularly about how things are progressing and anything that changes. As well as that, I update the presenters and the rest of the production team about what we're doing in the programme.

Jonathan Hill is presenting the late night bulletin tonight too, and joins the afternoon meeting

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At 3.00, I, the Director, Presenters, Production Assistant and Assistant Producer have our second production meeting where we finalise and bolt down what's in the programme. We also discuss what we're teasing during the opening menu of the programme and in our promos at 5.30pm and 5.55pm.

Every story must be checked by the producer prior to broadcast

Throughout the afternoon, I then sign-off reporters items ready for broadcast on the programme at 6. Between 4 and 6.30 is the busiest part of the day when all the packages eventually come in, lives are being lined up and presenters rehearse in the studio.

This is the time things can change really quickly so you're always kept on your toes!

Reporters edit their items for the programme on computer

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