Behind the scenes at ITV: Getting ready for the 6pm Wales news

Ruth and Jonathan work on their scripts for the main programme

The newsroom gets particularly busy at this time of day, as Ruth Wignall explains.

The clock is ticking and on-air gets ever closer!

For me and Jonathan Hill it is coming up to possibly the busiest time of the day. We're happy with the stories, and pending any late changes (and invariably these do happen - stories break late, stories don't make their slot) the run order is finalised.

We've written our links, and tease sequences. These are the opening bit of the programme, - the menu, if you like!

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Now bearing in mind i take a little longer to sort my makeup out than Jonathan (yes - he does!), I like to be in our little dressing room and in front of the mirror by 5 at the latest. It takes a lot more of the old foundation these days than it used to! HD will be a real shock!

Before I head off though, there's one more important decision to make - what to wear?! Jonathan's tie-choice usually a good indicator!

Jonathan chooses a tie

And off I go. Will be in studio by 5.25pm, ready to record our first "live" promo at 5.35pm this evening.

See you on air!