Behind the scenes at ITV: Presenter Ruth Wignall's day

Ruth Wignall presents our main 6pm news programme

Presenter Ruth Wignall explains what her day involves...

Well good morning to you!

Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Ruth, and today I'll be your news presenter! As a presenter of the 6pm programme, we share either a day or a late shift! A day shift typically starts at 10am, with the late clock-in at around 3pm.

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As Andrew is presenting the Daybreak and Lunchtime bulletins today, my focus will be on the 6pm programme.

My working day today starts with a very strong cup of coffee (it is Monday!) Next step, and as obvious as it might seem, it is vitally important to get familiar with the news stories of the day. I'm a self-confessed news addict, and so this is my own little bit of heaven! News of course comes from a variety of sources these days - in its most modern form from internet and social media - right the way through to the old-fashioned system of leafing through newspapers!

A pile of papers on the presenter's desk

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At this time of the day the running order tends to be rather flexible - anything can happen between now and 6 o clock... but we have a major story here in Wales today, and that is the recommendations of the Silk Commission.... Silk leads the line-up, with our second major story of the day the anniversary of the Miners Strike.

Don't forget it is still early, and by 6 o'clock the programme you see on air may bear no resemblance what so ever to the way it looks on screen at the moment!

Here's a picture of our Programme Producer Dafydd Jones discussing how our Political Reporter Owain Phillips is going to treat today's top story.

Owain Phillips and Dafydd Jones discuss ideas for our Silk report coverage

And here's a picture of our Forward Planning Desk checking through diary stories, and setting up filming for either today or the days ahead.

The Planning team work on stories for the days ahead

Between the team as a whole, the day takes shape. But the bulletin outline is discussed in our first OFFICIAL production meeting, which takes place at around 10.30am. Here we are in action, discussing the way the show will look.

Di is our Director today (looking in the pink!), and is responsible for what you see at home - she decides camera shots etc.... and James is our Assistant Producer..... he's the man who oversees our picture editors and graphics etc..

James also makes sure that reporters have all they need to put their stories together, such as archive pictures.

That's it from me for the moment - I'll check in with you a little later!

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