Sharp End 3rd March 2014

Sharp End title Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

We'll be bandying about a four-letter word in this week's Sharp End. After all, it is after the watershed.

But don't worry, the four-letter word is Silk and we'll be discussing what that word means for the way Wales is governed.

The Commission led by Paul Silk has published its second - and final - report, bringing to an end two and a half years of work examining what sort of powers the Assembly and Welsh Government have and should have in the future. You'll find the headlines of the second report by clicking here.

I've been talking to Paul Silk and you'll be able to see that interview in the programme. But as he says it's up to the politicians now, so will they act on the report's recommendations or quietly put it on the shelf and ignore it?

My guests in the studio to discuss this are the Conservative AM Suzy Davies, Plaid Cymru's Elin Jones and Labour MEP Derek Vaughan.