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Farmer's daughter sues parents for share of £7m estate

A farmer's daughter from Carmarthenshire who claims she had to stay at home and look after the cows while her teenage sisters went dancing is now suing her parents for a share of their £7m estate.

Eirian Davies, 45, says she had to do extremely hard work over long hours. Credit: Nevile Ayling

Eirian Davies has claimed she missed out on going to Young Farmers' Club dances with her two sisters because she had to stay at home to work on the farm.

She says she was repeatedly assured by her parents that she would eventually take over their 200-acre Caeremlyn Farm near Whitland.

Tegwyn and Mary Davies, now in their 70s, say their daughter earned a fair income from working on their farm. Credit: Nevile Ayling

Eirian moved back to the farm in recent years after periods working away, but her parents told her to leave after they fell out in 2012.

She claimed that she had an entitlement to a beneficial interest in the farm, and won her original case.

But her parents, Tegwyn and Mary Davies, have taken it to the Court of Appeal.

A ruling on the case has been reserved, and will be given at a later date.