Cyclists on a Carmarthenshire hillside have had a close encounter with a tame golden eagle that is believed to have escaped from captivity.

Cyclist Nikki Channon and husband Jason were leading a guided bike ride on Llanllwni Mountain, in Carmarthenshire, when they came across the bird.

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The bird was seen to have jesses and bells around its ankles, indicating it had been kept in captivity.

We had only been riding for a short while before we were stopped in our tracks. My husband was leading the group and he told me to get up there quick with a camera. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! The eagle just sat there looking at us and seemed as interested in us as we were of it.

Jason Mulvey got up close to the eagle Credit: Nikki Channon

This bird is likely to be an escapee rather than a wild golden eagle. They are commonly kept as falconer's birds or in bird of prey centres so this one is likely to have got away from its owner. Sadly, the persecution of golden eagles continues to this day and they are now almost entirely restricted to Scotland.

Dyfed Powys Police are warning the public not to approach the bird, and urge any further sighting to be reported to the force on 101.