The legacy of Dylan Thomas

Swansea AM Julie James celebrates Dylan Thomas Credit: ITV News

Dylan Thomas, a legendary figure both in Wales and across the world. But what of his legacy?

Are the arts both in the narrowest sense, like music , painting and writing, and the wider sense of creative community life ,flourishing in Swansea?

According to Swansea Assembly member Julie James they are flourishing and to show off what is happening in the City, she has sponsored an event this evening to celebrate the City's creativity

As I was filming Julie, the exhibition was being mounted in the Oriel and you can see some examples of what will be on offer behind her,

One of the Swansea bands chosen to play is Rag Foundation , an acoustic rock group and also performance artists The Glitterationist International , a collaboration between Nazma Ali and Mark Stephenson who say they welcome audience participation.