'Long-term options' suggested for St Asaph flood defences

Record levels of rain led to flooding in St Asaph in November 2012. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA

Five long-term options for possible flood defence schemes in St Asaph have been identified in a new report.Hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes in November 2012 when torrential rain led to the River Elwy burst its banks flooding the city.

It was only in April last year that residents effected by the floods were able to return to their homes.

Commissioned by Natural Resources Wales, the report tested the options using new flood modelling, including updated data from the 2012 floods, to see how they would cope with a serious flood.

The options are:

  • raising embankments through St Asaph

  • lowering embankments further downstream, allowing floodwater to spill onto the flood plain

  • replacing Spring Gardens bridge

  • removing trees from the riverbank

  • creating an upstream flood storage area.

Natural Resources Wales flood specialists will now work with engineering consultants to work out which option, or combination of options, would be best for St Asaph. Local people will have a chance to have their say at drop-in sessions.