A teenager from Merthyr Tydfil who was told to remove a lip ring for a work placement scheme has told ITV News he thinks it's time to challenge the "negative perception" of body art.

Cameron Bash, 17, believes discrimination against tattoos and piercings still exists - particularly among employers - despite body art becoming more mainstream.

I was with an agency that helps people into work and around that time I got a lip ring. I went for an interview and was told if I wanted this job then I had to take it out. It made me feel bad and really down about myself.

Through Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - Cameron has helped to produce a film featuring two girls, who are similar, aside from the fact that one has tattoos and a piercing.

Cameron says although he knows tattoos and piercings divide public opinion, the film aims to show they have no effect on an individual’s personality, demeanour, or ability to work.

I would say to any young person going for a job with tattoos and piercings that any environment they go into may be different. A corporate employer may see it as an act of rebellion but in other places it wouldn’t matter. Sometimes expressing yourself is actually encouraged.

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