First Minister's Questions: The Andrews Report

First Minister Carwyn Jones answering questions on the Andrews Report. Credit: ITV News

Given the serious nature of Professor Andrews report on care in the Princess of Wales Hospital and Neath Port Talbot Hospital, the tone during First Minister's questions was one of gravity unlike the usual knock about that we have come to expect.

The leader of the Opposition, Andrew RT Davies was first to take to the floor.

He began by reciting some of the report's findings that listed how some of the patients were failed by the NHS.

The list was indeed hard to hear.

The failings are truly shocking. First Minister you will be familiar with the list but I will repeat it. The hospital left my Dad with a cloth and a bowl to wash himself in. I found dried excrement on his leg. My Mum had no medication for days. There were patients calling out. One stuck in a bed with bed rails. One lady said to me that she was in Hell.

He asked the First Minister if the public was owed an unreserved apology. The First Minister admitted it was.

There is no doubt that the contents of the report is shocking. As a Government we will accept every part of that report and every recommendation. We would expect Local Health Board's to implement those recommendations, we would expect all LHBs to take account of those recommendations in the way they work.

Leanne Wood AM, Plaid Cymru leader Credit: ITV News

For weeks now , Andrew RT Davies has been calling for a full wide ranging Keogh style inquiry into the NHS. Such an inquiry was backed today by the Plaid Leader.

There are a number of reviews going on at the same time and there is little doubt that public confidence needs to be restored here and now. And one of the recommendations of the Trusted to Care review is for the Welsh Government to institute a further independent review for provision for older people. Is it not in the best interests of patients and public confidence to have a broader process.

To this the First Minister said that he would follow the recommendations of the report. He said that the report itself made it clear that this is not a Mid Staffordshire situation. He said that it was not a case for further public inquiry and he ended by emphasising that this was not a case where heads would roll.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Credit: ITV News

Kirsty Williams was the last party leader to make a contribution which she did in typically effective and dramatic style

Let me start First Minister with a quote. We heard evidence of food remaining uneaten on trays with no assistance on offer, with patients struggling to feed themselves or being helped by other people's visitors. That isn't a quote from this morning's damning report, it is in fact from the Older Persons Commissioner's Dignified Care Report published three years ago. At that time your Government promised improvements and action. But the report this morning highlights very similar shocking failings in the case of vulnerable older people. Can I ask you how many more reports until we see concrete action that stops this shocking failing of older people in hospital?

The First Minister, Carwyn Jones made this reply.

I will not argue with what the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has highlighted because I believe it's important when a report like this is produced that there is no attempt to whitewash or soft soap when it comes to the issues themselves. The review itself although conducted into ABMU are relevant across the whole of Wales. I would expect all LHB's in Wales to conduct themselves according to the recommendations in this report