Films depicting life in Wales during the 1940s are among more than 100 short documentaries released to the public by the British Council.

The films were made during the Second World War and were designed to promote an understanding of Britain and Britishness in the face of negative Nazi propaganda.

In May 2012, the organisation released a large number of the films, with the 25 released today marking the completion of the project.

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Described as 'an overview of Welsh scenery and industry', 1942's 'Wales' aims to show both 'the beauty of the country' and its contribution to the war effort.

This film is dedicated to the people of Wales. A race of fighters, workers and singers whose ancient language and traditions endure in age-old partnership with their English neighbours, in the land they call Cymru

Life in Conwy during the 1940s

Shot in colour, 'Snowdonia' shows "the beautiful scenery and famous buildings" in the area.

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