Thanks for Watching: The HTV Years: Episode 2

Thanks for Watching: The HTV Years

ITV is on the move from Culverhouse Cross to Cardiff Bay.

Join Arfon Haines Davies for the second of four programmes looking at some of the big shows of the past 30 years, and the stars who have performed in the HTV studios.

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Entertainer Mal Pope’s show was among many recorded live in studio 1.

As well as performing with his own band, Mal also interviewed superstars the Bee Gees.

Barry Gibb even showed Mal how to re-tune his guitar the Spanish way to get a different sound.

Stereophonics appeared on 'Electric Chair' in the mid-90s

Big productions were part of daily life at Culverhouse Cross.

'Tellyphonin' featured star guests and competitions in studio 1.

Who is Rupert Moon dressed up as?
Arfon's long-lost twin? Hank Marvin on a visit to Culverhouse Cross

The series 'It’s My Life', gave us a glimpse back into the world of actor and singer Ivor Emmanuel.

Born in Port Talbot, he became a musical theatre star, and became well known for 'Land of Song', filmed at our former studios in Pontcanna.

He also landed the role of Private Owen in the 1964 classic movie 'Zulu'.

'Land of Song' was filmed at TWW/HTV's Pontcanna studios

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