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Welsh Government launches plan to boost Welsh food industry by 30% by 2020

Our food and where it comes from is something we may have taken for granted in the past. Now there's much more focus on quality and the growing trend for sourcing and buying local.

Food and agriculture is a key sector for the Welsh economy turning over £5.2 billion a year and supporting 45,000 jobs.

Today the Welsh Government launched a strategy to grow sales by 30 % by 2020. It's launched an independent body the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board to help deliver it.

Our Business Correspondent Carole Green has been talking to producers from across Wales.

We're seeing growth in fisheries, we're seeing growth in red meat, we're seeing growth in vegetables and we're seeing growth in the manufactured sector in processed foods.

What we have to do is provide targeted support to the different sectors to ensure that our food businesses no matter where it is in Wales or whatever food it produces knows it has a government backing it.

– Alun Davies, Natural Resources and Food Minister
Food and agriculture in Wales turns over £5.2bn a year

Food manufacturers like Deiniol ap Dafydd agree there's a need for direction. He runs a multi-million pound distribution business from Llanwrst and says Wales has been standing still.

The most important thing is that we stop treading water... that we move forward with plans in a more robust way than we have seen.

Have we been losing ground to other areas?

I think that what has been happening is that other regions and other countries have been playing catch up and we don't really want them to catch up too fast with us we need to move ahead.

– Deiniol ap Dafydd
The red meat industry in Wales employs 33,000 people

Ireland is already ahead - it launched its food strategy four years ago. It's also a big investor in the industry in Wales.

The Welsh food and drink sector has been growing by 6 % a year. Today's action plan is designed to beef up that expansion by the end of the decade...