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Meet the Welsh scientists working on the European Extremely Large Telescope

It's being called Europe's Extremely Large Telescope and right now it's mostly a set of scale drawings - but in less than a decade it'll be a reality that scientists from St Asaph are helping to perfect.

The telescope will be built in the desert in northern Chile

In Glyndwr University's laboratories, they're grinding out one of the most vital parts of the telescope - the optics that make up its lens - a massive task for what's one of the world's largest building projects.

Rob Shelley reports.

It'll be able to see the faintest object in the universe - which means the furthest objects away, the furthest back in time - so we'll be able to see the first stars or the first galaxies forming, which is quite something!

– Dr John Mitchell

Each panel costs a quarter of a million pounds.

Right now they're making seven as a test - but hoping to turn a project into effectively a production line creating over seven hundred lenses.

It will make a lattice of optics set to look further foward and back than any other telescope ever has.