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Roath Rec: The Welsh recreation ground where players of more than 50 nationalities play football

A Cardiff photographer has captured and celebrated the diverse community of footballers who gather on the Roath Rec in Cardiff three times a week.

The exhibition, at Cardiff MADE gallery in Roath, shows images of more than a hundred players from over fifty different countries and will run until the end of the World Cup.

Take a sneak preview of the exhibition and the inspiration behind it in this video:

Players meet at Roath Rec up to three times a week

It's this sense of community that inspired Dan Green's latest project.

He's combined his two biggest passions of football and photography in this latest exhibition entitled Roath Rec World XI.

Dan has played football at Roath Rec for 30 years

It represents the diversity within football down at Roath Rec, and all the different people that come down to Roath on Saturdays and Sundays at 2 o'clock and play religiously... no matter if it's rain or shine.

It's a big celebration of all these different nations that come together just to play a game or football.

– Dan Green

Dan says getting together to play football also helps some of these players develop other skills which makes them feel more settled in their new life in the capital.

Asylum seekers that come here... they learn English through coming and playing with us as well. So it's fascinating to see that develop.

The exhibition will come to an end on the same day as the World Cup final.