Look back: ITV Wales's reports for WW1 centenary

The dragon overlooking Mametz Wood Credit: ITV Wales

PROPAGANDA ART: As the nation prepares to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War One, a collection of propaganda artwork has gone on display in the Welsh capital for the very first time.

LLOYD GEORGE: Historian Peter Stead talks to ITV Cymru Wales about Lloyd George's influence and Wales' participation in the Great War.

THANKFUL VILLAGES: Communities were shattered and little of the country was left untouched by the horrors of World War One. But there were some where all those who fought, returned safely home. They are the 'Thankful Villages'.

ONE TOWN'S WAR: We visit Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan to find out about the town's war experience.

ESCAPE: Lynda Osborne tells ITV News about the remarkable story of her Grandfather Robert Phillips, who escaped from a German prisoner of war camp during the First World War.