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Former charity chief 'paid back' grant made in error, court hears

Photo: Benjamin Wright/PA

A former charity chief executive paid back more than £100,000 to government officials following a funding error, a court has heard.

Nasir Malik - the former chief executive of the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (AWEMA) - is on trial at Swansea Crown Court accused of defrauding the charity of more than £16,000.

The 65 year old denies fraud by cashing two charity cheques to pay off his credit card bill and says the money was expenses he was owed by the organisation.

The father-of-two told the court he believed he was entitled to a life insurance policy from his employer because he had been promised a pension when taking on the role of chief executive.

Malik responded to the prosecution's case that he was dishonest, saying that he repaid £100,000 mistakenly paid to AWEMA through a Welsh Government grant.

The court previously heard that Malik was the only AWEMA employee to have a life insurance policy when its pension scheme was rolled out. And the prosecution has pointed to documents showing a £90 a month outlay listed in the charity's books as 'insurance' not 'life insurance.'

Malik has blamed the charity's former finance director, Saquib Zia, for the errors.

He said he had asked Mr Zia to 'make sure' life insurance was part of the pension deal, but his employee later admitted he had 'forgotten' when finalising the package.

Malik denies three counts of fraud and the case continues.