Monmouthshire schoolboys develop lifesaving app

Harri, Ben and James came up with the app idea Credit: ITV Wales

Three boys at a school in Monmouth have created a mobile app that could save lives.

The idea has won national recognition and is part of a drive to get more pupils involved in coding.

But as it becomes a compulsory part of the curriculum in England, critics say Wales is lagging behind, as Alexandra Lodge reports.

The app allows people to send notifications to friends and family at the touch of a button.

I know someone who has epilepsy, and they've been looking for a while at something that would help them communicate with people in an emergency. So I thought, there should be an app where you can click a button and there will be help.

Ben Hope, app creator

The boys developed the app using coding. In England, teaching coding will be compulsory from September. Experts here are concerned that pupils in Wales could get left behind in terms of their digital education.