The NATO summit in numbers: What you need to know

The UK hosted the NATO summit in London over 24 years ago. Credit: REUTERS/Arben Celi

The NATO summit is expected to be one of the most important events in Welsh history with 60 world leaders descending on Newport for the two-day meeting.

Great organisation and manpower comes with arranging such an event of this scale. So who will be attending?

  • 60 world leaders including US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron

  • 70 foreign ministers

  • 70 defence ministers

  • 28 NATO member countries

  • Over 2,000 journalists from the UK and international media organisations

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An event of such prestige requires only the very best in fine dining and service. The Celtic Manor Resort has employed extra staff to ensure the delegates enjoy their visit to Wales and don't go hungry.

  • Over 800 Celtic Manor Resort staff

  • 15,000 meals served to delegates and the media over two days

  • 12,500 litres of water drunk

  • 80 hotels across Newport, Bristol and Cardiff reserved adding up to 24,000 room nights

Securing the Celtic Manor Resort has taken over a month Credit: PA

Securing the Celtic Manor Resort and areas around Cardiff City centre has been underway for the last month.

All areas have been forensically searched and policed in the lead up to the event. Securing the summit has involved;

  • 12 miles of 9 ft-high metal fencing known as the 'ring of steel'

  • Three weeks to erect the fence

  • 9,500 police

  • 10,000 ft "no fly" zone during the summit