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Pupil reacts to meeting Obama: 'You meet the President... then it's just an ordinary school day!'

Mount Pleasant Primary School pupil Ben Thornton, who welcomed President Obama, told ITV News how nervous he was beforehand.

"You don't get this opportunity everyday do you?" he told reporter Megan Boot.

I was really, really scared, but my mum and dad said he's just an ordinary guy!

At the end of the day I felt really excited to meet the President and Prime Minister, which was amazing. I was reading out why I like Wales and just trying to show off the school. Hopefully he might come back!

– Ben Thornton

Teacher Andrew Rothwell said the school's Twitter account might have been the reason the school was chosen for the visit.

In June we did some work looking at the Nato logo.

We were looking at the symbol that was released by the Nato summit people and when we did that we sent a Tweet out saying Year 6 have been looking at the nato logo and that we'd love a VIP visitor.

We included Nato in the tweet... but today President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron came and visited the school, so from one tweet we get a visit!

– Andrew Rothwell

Watch President Obama talking to pupils below:

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